Journal of Farm, Companion and Aqautic Animals

Journal of Farm, Companion and Aquatic Animals is a multi-disciplinary, open access, peer reviewed journal of veterinary and allied fields published annually by Society for Promotion of Farm and Companion Animals, Bihar Animal Sciences University, Patna, Bihar, India, PIN-800014 ....The journal aims to publish original research articles, reviews, short communications, case reports and opinion papers in all disciplines related to farm & companion animals and aquatic animals.

Research Article

Case Report

Sarcoptic mange infestation in a Rabbit: A Case Report
Sonam Bhatt, Anil Kumar, Vivek Kumar Singh, Pankaj Kumar, Pallav Shekhar, Bhavna

A Case Report on Management of Canine Prostatic Abscess
Namrata, Pallav Shekhar, Rajesh Kumar, Sanjiv Kumar, Vivek Kumar Singh

Therapeutic Management of Thiamine Responsive Polioencephalomalacia in a Goat-A Case Report
Anil Kumar, Sonam Bhatt, Pankaj Kumar, Ankesh Kumar and Bhawna

Clinical Management of Hypothyroidism in Dog: A case Report
Vivek Kumar Singh, Namrata, G.D. Singh, Sonam Bhatt, Anil Kumar, Pallav shekhar

Management of recurrent vaginal fold prolapse in a bitch: a case report
G.D. Singh, Dushyant Yadav, Alok Kumar, Pallav Shekhar, Vivek Kumar Singh and J.K. Prasad

Tracheal Collapse in Pug breed dog and its effective management
Pallav Shekhar,  Vivek Kumar Singh, Gyan Dev Singh,  Namrata, Sonam Bhatt &  J. K.Prasad

Successful management of fetal mummification in a goat
Alok kumar, J. K. Prasad, Bhavna, Arun Kumar, Anant Kishore

Surgical management of reticulo-omasal orifice obstruction along with acute tympany in cattle
Rajesh Kumar1, Ramesh Tiwary, Archana Kumari, G. D. Sigh, Bipin Kumar, M, K. Singh and Bhavana